So, you want to go on Pre-O? Oh no!  We’re still getting ready, so some of our forms are closed! We’ll be ready to start accepting applications on May 1st, so be patient. The info below has already been updated for this year.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll also need to send us a check for $275, $25 of which is a non-refundable deposit.  This covers food, permits, gear, and (most significantly, cost-wise) transportation between Mudd and Yosemite.  The arbitrary due date is July 15th.  We don’t want the cost to prevent anyone from coming, so please get in touch with us if this is a problem, and we can work something out for you.


If you want to go, fill out the application form!

Medical Information

Fill out this medical information: Medical Treatment, Medical History.


But that’s not all. You also need to sign this Liability Waiver.


Here’s the gear list!

Fill out this gear_survey so we know that you have everything or if you need something, and if you have any gear to lend.

Arrival Survey

How are you getting here? Will we need to pick you up somewhere? Let us know by filling out the arrival survey!

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