To Do List

A great deal goes into organizing a trip like Pre-Orientation. For instance, here are the things that Sarah and I are working on right now.

  1. Planning routes.
  2. Getting permits.
  3. Finalizing the budget.
  4. Requesting funds from ASHMC (Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College- our student government)
  5. Getting all of the forms up on this website.
  6. Posting the gear list.

There are a number of things that you, the freshman hoping to attend Pre-O, should be thinking doing as well.

  1. Filling out an application.
  2. Filling out your medical history.
  3. Mailing us your medical history and signed waiver.
  4. Mailing us a check.
  5. Physically preparing- if you’re not used to backpacking, or have new boots, you should break in your boots and get used to carrying a backpack.
  6. Making sure you have all the right gear- check the gear list.