Leader Bios


The people who put the trip together, in addition to leading hiking groups.


Alex doing some mudd kayaking

Name: Alex Melville
Major: Computer Science
Year: Senior
Hometown: South Woodstock, Vermont
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: West Dorm Indoctrination Program
Hiking Experience: Mt. Washington and White Mountains of New Hampshire. Various California ventures
Random Fact: I accept bitcoins!
Fun Mudd Memory: Making a snowman in Mudd’s quad.

Ryland Miller has wings.

Name: Ryland Miller
Major: General (Engineering)
Year: Senior
Hometown: South of the airport, then go east.
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: I have yet to climb a glacier.
Hiking Experience: 1000 miles backpacking on and off-trail, 1 mile sliding down waterfalls.
Random Fact:orial: 12!
Fun Mudd Memory: Megabed


The people who make sure everyone survives more or less intact.

Rupert Deese is a sloth bear.

Name: Rupe, Dupe
Major: Computer Science
Year: Senior
Hometown: Pitzer
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: I like to swim in mountain lakes
Hiking Experience: purely vicarious. I think I am John Muir
Random Fact: I could make you a clay pot.
Fun Mudd Memory: I was a lost boy in Neverland


Andrew makes his escape from a desert island.

Name: Andrew Wells
Major: Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Prince Frederick, MD
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: Frosh are the future
Hiking Experience: I’ve been hiking before
Random Fact: I once consumed solely cow products and greens for 4 days
Fun Mudd Memory: Megabed

Philip Woods is a sloth bear.

Name: Philip Woods
Major: Dr. Mario
Year: 2015
Hometown: Final Destination
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: You gotta put the controller down sometime, and I heard it would improve my L-canceling
Hiking Experience:I once hiked all of Hyrule Castle
Random Fact: To improve teamplay, try crouch canceling Samus’s grab to extend its reach
Fun Mudd Memory: Sacred Combo

Dylan is very excited about this fish, almost as much as she is excited to see new frosh. Froshfish

Name: Dylan Baker
Major: Theatrical Studies
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Hollywood
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: Frosh!!! Probably!!!
Hiking Experience: Pre-O! Maybe other things.
Random Fact: Dylan Baker bakes things. Probably. She’s not doing living in Sontag right now if she doesn’t.
Fun Mudd Memory: I did that thing one time with that person and it was fun.

Elsie Gibson is not a bear.

Elsie Gibson is not a bear.

Name: Elsie Gibson
Major: Math/Comp/Bio
Year: Senior
Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: Out of the love for my co-leaders, who may need my medical assistance to survive.
Hiking Experience: My leather boots know the ways of the desert. I have explored mountain of California using only the helix fossil as a guide.
Fun Mudd Memory: One time I abandoned my tortoises out in the sunny West courtyard.

Zach Vickland is two people.

Zach Vickland is two people.

Name: Zach Vickland
Major: Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: From the DMV
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: I answered the call
Hiking Experience: I have this
Random Fact: I am abroad right now.
Fun Mudd Memory: That time I played baseball

Liz Lee is a sloth bear.

Name: Liz Lee
Major: ?
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Davis, CA
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: Something something Frosh something hiking!
Hiking Experience: Sure!
Random Fact: 1/2 korean power
Fun Mudd Memory: I don’t know, do I look like Liz Lee? I’m a sloth bear!


Paul gave up a rewarding career in the mines to lead Pre-O.

Name: Paul Sonner
Major: Berry Picking
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Smoggy LA
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: To give frosh a glimpse of the non-Mudd world
Hiking Experience: True
Random Fact: I don’t like tents.
Fun Mudd Memory: Catalina sailing with a kayak-dinghey


Sam Miller, pictured left, is caught by an Ultimate Being

Name: Sam Miller
Major: Math
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Evanston, IL
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: So I may corrupt the young-uns, prior to their assimilation into the machine
Hiking Experience: Last Pre-O. However I do a ton of water hiking, AKA canoeing
Random Fact: Last summer I spent 2 months in the Arctic canoeing down the Kazan River
Fun Mudd Memory: Once I found a bean bag. It was comfortable. Then I set it on fire. Wheeeee.

Nick Gonzalez is a sloth!

Name: Nick Gonzalez
Major: CS/Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Hollend, PA
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: I am really excited to meet the Frosh
Hiking Experience: I have back packed parts of the At and John Muir Wilderness
Random Fact: Cats have a non-fatal terminal velocity
Fun Mudd Memory: Working with AUV’s in volcanic lakes in Costa Rica

Tyler, jesus walking

Name: Tyler “Tico” Smallwood
Major: Fire-fighting
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Schiegannschliemer, Germany
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: To avoid trails and get lost
Hiking Experience: Led a group of innocent frosh into alpine backcountry over Fall Break
Random Fact: I’m in the process of getting permission to keep a pet duck in my dorm room.
Fun Mudd Memory: Pre-O hike as a frosh!

Risa Egerter is a lizard. I'm not sure who the girl is in this photograph.

Risa Egerter is a lizard. I’m not sure who the girl is in this photograph.

Name: Risa Egerter
Major: Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: Cause I want to
Hiking Experience: yes
Random Fact: I can do a back flip
Random Mudd Memory: That time I was in office hours and the prof. gave me a mac n’ cheese

Angela Chin is a sloth bear.

Name: Angela’s Chin
Major: Math
Year: Junior
Hometown: The Republic of Texas
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: Angela is making me do it
Hiking Experience: Ask her feet
Random Fact: On average, I move 20,000 times a day
Favorite Breakfast Cereal: One time Angela feel asleep at her keyboard

Harry Cooke is a sloth bear.

Name: Harry Cooke
Major: Undecided (CS/Engineering)
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: San Rafael, CA
Why I’m Leading Pre-O:  I love the outdoors
Hiking Experience: I go backpacking a lot
Random Fact: Mango is my favorite fruit
Fun Mudd Memory: One time I found an orange

Caitlin loves goats, and frosh

Name: Caitlin Lienkaemper
Major: Math/Something
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: San Francisco
Why I’m Leading Pre-O:To seek adventure; relive frosh glory days; give frosh frosh glory days.
Hiking Experience: Found lost coast. Left five days later
Random Fact: I have slept outside on three of the five C’s
Fun Mudd Memory: Crawling through a 1ft x 2ft hole at ceiling height to discover the hidden glory of a South basement

Paige Garratt, with Luke as backdrop. Don’t his feet look delectable?

Name: Paige Garratt
Major: Body Building
Year: 2016
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Hiking Experience: I climbed the stairs in Sprague four times in one day.
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: Because giving frosh their first impression of Mudd was too good of an opportunity to turn down.
Random Fact: I can fix your bike.
Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Frosted Flakes, they’re Grrreat!

Hannah Zosman in a canyon. How Grand.

Hannah Zosman in a canyon. How Grand.


Name: Hannah Zosman
Major: Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: Frosh nature
Hiking Experience: Costa Rica, Grand Canyon, North Carolina, California
Random Fact: Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.
Fun Mudd Memory: TQ Day (West courtyard is turned into a beach/pool party, frozen margaritas & sunshine all day long)

Olivia Schneble

Olivia is neither sloth nor bear.


Name: Olivia Schneble
Major: Engineering, or something
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: To meet/indoctrinate/safely return the frosh.
Hiking Experience: Bits of the Appalachian trail and the whole John Muir Trail.
Random Fact: Three-toed sloths can rotate their heads 270 degrees
Fun Mudd Memory: Inner Tube Water Polo

Emergency Drivers

The people who help us get to Yosemite and remain on-call, ready to handle any emergency.

Sunlord Casey

Name: Casey Cannon
Major: Math/Physics
Year: Junior
Hometown: Camarillo, CA
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: To indoctrinate the Frosh into favoring Melee over Brawl
Hiking Experience: Peaked Mt. Whitney, Pre-O 2012
Random Fact: Flamingos have to turn their heads upside down to eat
Fun Mudd Memory: Eating food, omnomnomnom.


Spenser nears the end of his cross-country unicycle trip.

Name: Spenser Anderson
Major: Engineering
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Why I’m Leading Pre-O: I didn’t pass last time and have to try again
Hiking Experience: Hopefully enough
Random Fact: CampSec doesn’t mind if you camp on Pomona’s farm
Fun Mudd Memory:  First unicycle lap around the quad

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