Pre-Orientation is a week long backpacking trip held by Harvey Mudd College just prior to Freshman Orientation. The program is designed specifically for incoming freshman to get to know other people in the class, and be indoctrinated by the upperclassmen at the same time. We’re excited to report that we’ll be going to Yosemite National Park this year, so sign up and enjoy the wilderness with us.

If you’re an incoming Mudd freshman and want more information, send us an e-mail at both rmiller@g.hmc.edu and amelville@g.hmc.edu and one of us will be sure to get back to you. Alternately, check out some of these photos from previous years , or the (highly informative!) leader bios.

Here’s the schedule for this year:

August 18th (Monday): Your Esteemed Upperclassmen leaders arrive on campus to prepare.
August 20th (Wednesday): Freshman arrive by the afternoon, play introduction games, and panic over not having packed enough socks.
August 21st (Thursday): We get on the bus for Yosemite at some ungodly hour of the morning (2 or 3am), and start the hiking when we arrive.
August 26th (Tuesday): The survivors get back on the bus to return to Mudd. The proctors will let you in to your rooms.
August 27th (Wednesday): Freshman Orientation begins. Your courageous leaders enter hibernation.

If you’d like to attend Pre-O, just fill out this application. And then all of the forms on the aptly named Forms page.

If you have any questions about the trip, look around the site or send us an e-mail at both rmiller@g.hmc.edu and amelville@g.hmc.edu.


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